Mowair promotional sales lealfet

MowAiR - A5 folded promotional leaflet design

Keeping a family look for both the hover mower and the aerator I designed the leaflets to be simple, friendly and fun to read whilst giving the consumer all of the information required. I thought the 'stick man' character approach was a fun way to get the message across and felt it was something we could carry through the Lawncaire range. I designed the cover to have an element of mystery about it, the aim to entice the consumer to open the leaflet and read on.



DecompactAiR - A5 folded promotional leaflet design

Along the same theme as the MowAiR leaflet, the DecompactAiR leaflet incorporates the stick man character in a friendly cartoon style garden. The cover was designed with the same look and feel as the MowAiR leaflet, simple and focusing on the product.

Decompactair promotional sales lealfet
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