Lawncaire, Decompactair and Mowair brand identity and logo design

Lawncaire brand and logo design

The lawncaire brand was developed around a hover mower and an aerator. Given that both machines involved air, it was thought it would be nice to incorporate the word 'air' into the logos. With this in mind I came up with the three brand name designs to the left. When designing the logos I felt it was important to ensure they a had a family look with the company name easily distinguishable from from the product names.

Decompactair POS display board

In store POS display board

Point of Sale graphic fixed to the machine in store to provide information on the machine and encourage a sale.

Promotional leaflet design

Promotional leaflet displayed with the machine at the Point of Sale for potential customers to take away.

Decompactair POS sales leaflet design

Lawncaire Flash banners

A Flash banner designed to give to the resellers of the DecompactAiR to place on their websites, clicking on the banner directs the user to the Lawncaire homepage. The animation on the banner demonstrates how the DecompactAiR works, illustrating the extraction of cores of earth from the lawn.

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