Atlanta World of Coke visual

Coca-Cola World of Coke, Atlanta

Visualisation of a kiosk installation for Coca-Cola.

Virgin Megastore visual

Virgin Megastores

A visual designed and created for Virgin Megastores and The Art Group.

RHS Wisley Garden Centre Banners

A series of banners designed for the Royal Horticultural Society to help shoppers by distinguishing the different areas of the RHS Garden Wisley plant centre. The visual to the right was created to show the proposed banners in place at the garden before the client committed to having them produced. These were later introduced to other RHS plant centre across the UK.

RHS Garden centre banners
RHS promotional trailer

RHS Promotional Trailer

This is an idea for the RHS to recruit members. A membership recruitment trailer that can be towed around to the various flower shows. To illustrate how such a trailer might look, I found a photograph of a trailer on the internet and with some photo-matching and a lot of photoshop work I gave it an 'RHS makeover'.

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